Had a very productive night last night. I went shopping for a new video card, but found the cost to be prohibitively expensive right now. So I bought a sound card for the home NT box and got it installed with minimum fuss-thank god. I also got the drywall in the basement sanded and second-coat mudded; it’s coming along pretty well so far, but I need a few items to continue properly:

  • more mud
  • another good sanding sponge- those things are cool
  • a pack of 150 grit sandpaper discs for the orbital
  • a length of coax cable- 50 feet should do it
  • more steel edging for the corners
  • a tube of liquid nails
  • probably five more sheets of drywall
  • and I need to pick up the window- Home Depot called about it Monday.

Have I mentioned that Toadnet sucks big moose butt? They’re down again. Major big smoking, feces-covered moose butt.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a search on Google for Gamma World, a role-playing game TSR came out with in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I spent one summer completely immersed in this game, in between 7th and 8th grade, when a few guys from my new school got me into D&D and other RPG’s. I got a copy of Gamma World and D&D for my birthday, I think, and Mike P and I played these games constantly. He went on a two-week vacation that summer, and I obsessed over the game and creating new maps and worlds based on what I knew (which was, pitifully, nothing.) Being trapped on the side of a hill in Ridgefield with nothing to do but swim, eat and play Gamma World that summer, naturally all three blurred into each other. I dug out my Gamma World books that night (yep, still got ’em) and read through each one; it took me back to a two-month period where I was completely lost in my imagination.

That fall, I went to the Ridgefield Middle School, where once again, the gods of bitter irony prevailed and I wound up in none of the same classes as anybody I had become friends with that previous school year. I went through 4 months of total isolation there, and then we moved to Mahopac, where I went through another year of isolation before I made friends with anybody.

Jesse is going to sell me his old Voodoo3 card fr $20, so I’ll have something better than an Apple 8/24 in my PC at home; This Is Good. Now I can concentrate on saving up for and finding a good 19-inch monitor, or a reasonable 17-inch LCD display for the NT machine. (side note: new Voodoo3’s are going for about $40 online- bonus.) Additionally, I may be heading to his place for 3D Max lessons on Sunday- a BIG opportunity to get some knowledge for cheap- a 12-pack of Guinness might do it.

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