Let us all hope this is the end of our nightly timeshare and telco sales pitches.

Geek Update. My attempt to get the AppleTalk printer working is successful. I hooked up the 8500 and re-connected the cabling (AppleTalk -> DaynaPrint -> AAUI transceiver -> RJ45) and magically, the printer appeared in the Chooser. Now I just have to bring it to Jen’s house and set up her laptop.

Anybody remember this show? For some reason this popped in my head this morning.

Album of the Day: I’m between the Pogues’ Peace and Love and Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash. Ah, this brings me back. (one of the many things that originally drew me to Jen was the fact that she had a lovingly worn, paper-thin Pogues Peace and Love concert shirt.)

Hint. I got prescription lenses put in my diving goggles today. Besides a slight pull to the left eye (a mild astigmatism), they are like looking through my glasses. I can’t wait to try them out underwater. Also in the works is a plan to get an Ikelite housing for one of the digital cameras—either the company’s Nikon or a (possible) Canon G3.

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