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HOLY CRAP. I ended out the day yesterday listening to my spotty Pogues collection (I haven’t replaced my defunct cassette collection with CD’s yet) and it took me Back To The Day. My college roommate Chris had the entire catalog, and the first side of Rum, Sodomy and the Lash takes me back to the fall of 1990—National Bohemian, cigarette smoke, lousy food, and wandering back from the Tavern singing Sick Bed of Cuchulainn. One of the things that first attracted me to Jen was how she looked in a well-worn Peace and Love tour shirt. To my shocked surprise, I read this morning that lovable, drunken Shane and the rest of the gang are reuniting for a tour this christmas! Additionally, their back catalog is being reissued including previously unreleased tracks!

So let us pray that Mr. MacGowan lives long enough to make it to the New World, and that he’s sober enough to remember the lyrics when they come through the D.C.-Baltimore area.

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