I’ve put about 1,000 miles behind the wheel of the Accord since I’ve had it, and it’s been a dream so far. The ride is smooth and supple, the steering is tight, and it’s a quiet cabin to commute in. I’ve averaged about 27 MPG in mixed 25/75 city/highway driving so far, which is good for a car of its size. I’ve outfitted the cavernous trunk with a cheap toolkit, jumper cables, blanket, knife, and assorted emergency equipment. Overall, I’m very pleased.

One thing I’ve noticed as the weather has turned cold is a loud grinding noise on startup after it’s been sitting overnight. Doing some internet sleuthing has turned up the cause: it’s a faulty VTC Actuator, and it was covered in a technical service bulletin by Honda. My car is still covered under the initial warranty as well as the drivetrain warranty, so I made an appointment to have it repaired by our local Honda dealer this afternoon. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing and the Grey Ghost will be back on the road soon.

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