I loaded Yosemite onto my work laptop yesterday morning, figuring it would make a great test case for the rest of the machines I run (my home laptop, Jen’s laptop, a workstation under my desk, client machines, etc.) and overall it’s pretty nice. My work laptop is a Retina 13″ with an SSD, so installation took about 10 minutes and everything looks wonderful. It seems to be fast, there’s no performance hit with anything I can see, and all my apps seem to be running just fine (Adobe Creative Cloud, CS6, Office 2011, and a handful of utility apps I depend upon). The real test will be the aforementioned laptops–my home machine is an early 2010 model MacBook Pro which might not like as many of the visual improvements in Yosemite.

If you like data visualization, this book is like drinking from a firehouse.

Amazon delivered my copy of Information is Beautiful this morning, and I can testify, it is, indeed, beautiful. An entire book of charts, graphs, and visuals well-designed and displayed, about a huge range of subjects. Go to the site, absorb some of the work, and buy the book. It’s well worth the money.

Monday night I went out to the garage and started running wire to the ceiling for overhead lighting. Currently it’s a mishmash of plugin fluorescent fixtures scrounged from my old job run off extension cords, and I’ve dreamed of simply having a switch next to the door to light the space since we moved in. I ran wire from the panel to a new switchbox near the door and then started fishing wire up to the ceiling, then stopped because I wanted to make sure I was running the wire correctly. It’s looking like I’m on the right track based on this diagram, so I’ll continue getting things in place in preparation for buying the fixtures and a new breaker.

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Anytime I feel like I’m not happy with my career, I’m going to look at this chart, detailing the poor career outlook for those of us with degrees in the higher arts…

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This. This right here:

Do not start the presentation with an apology or disclaimer.

No matter how much more you had hoped to present, by the time you get in that room, whatever you have is exactly the right amount of work. Any resetting of expectations should have been handled before the meeting.

I worked with someone who routinely started client meetings with an apology. It used to drive me nuts. There are things on this list that I do sometimes when working a room, so I’ll have to brush up on this before my next presentation.

via 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations.

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This is a really well-made video commentary on why David Fincher might be the best director in Hollywood today. I’d have to agree completely.

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After many years of lusting after these, I pulled the trigger and bought the 2013 Feltron Annual Report. Data visualization is more and more what my job is about, and this is a leading example of the discipline.

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I high school, I was a huge Frank Miller fan–based not only on the Dark Knight, but Elektra and Ronin, weird books that weren’t like any of the other ‘comic books’ I saw out there. Miller has gotten strange in the last 15 years or so, and Grantland did a great retrospective of his career which explores where he’s been and why he’s so uncompromising.

The thing Miller admires about his heroes isn’t their power — he’s yanked that away from them, over and over. He worships their certainty. Their moral clarity, their willingness to judge and mete out the punishment that society can’t or won’t, their refusal to back down or equivocate.

via Frank Miller’s Dark Night.

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There is little in the way of mental rest. Being a freelancer means never turning down work when offered. You don’t skip a gig because of vacation or anything like that, because you know that’s leaving money on the table. You can see the money burning in your head.

–Drew Magary, one of my favorite bloggity authors, on Deadspin

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It occurs to me I’ve forgotten to share something I had a large hand in developing–an introductory video for WRI, built by a firm in London called Nice & Serious.

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I’ve seen some inexplicable graphics in my short time at WRI, but at least I don’t work for the government. Here’s a short review of Amazing Military Infographics.

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Bike EXIF shows up in my Flipboard feed, and I occasionally browse through it to look at pretty motorcycles. Imagine my surprise when I recognized the name of the owner of this very pretty ride: the Loaded Gun Customs Triton, owned by an old acquaintance from back in the day.

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