Another Car of A Lifetime article is up about my Ford Taurus, the Tortoise. Next up: the Jeep Cherokee.

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I posted an article about Chewbacca the Scout on Curbside Classic on Sunday. It’s probably the most detailed account of ownership that I’ve written, and now that I’m looking it over, it’s obvious I’ve left out a ton of stuff.

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An expanded version of my CRX Cars of a Lifetime article is live on Curbside Classic. Man, I miss that car.

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Here’s the COAL article I posted on Curbside Classic for my ’84 Subaru GL.

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I posted another expanded story on Curbside Classic sunday morning.

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I wrote my Cars Of A Lifetime series a few years ago, inspired by a website called Curbside Classic. This past weekend, I noticed they’d put out a request for people to submit their own stories, so I shot off a quick email to the site admin and heard back from him within a few hours. He gave me a login and I posted a sanitized, embellished version of my Volkswagen Bus story this weekend, complete with a couple of new pictures I found, and I’ll be posting my Mazda piece this week.

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We got an unexpected happy letter from USAA this afternoon telling us we’ve paid off the Accord completely, and they’ll be sending us the new title in the next couple of weeks. Bonus! There’s an extra $175/mo. we can use for other stuff. Now we own three cars outright: one that’s 8 years old, one that’s 11 years old, and one that’s (I think) 41 years old.

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Jalopnik dives into two iconic LEGO Technics sets to determine which cars they were based on. I was given the 8860 set in 1980 and it was one of the best Christmases I ever had. Spoiler: the closest they can figure is that it’s from a Tatra T97, which makes it that much cooler.

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I’ve mentioned VW Harlequins here before and how my Scout resembles one. This is a story, told in Instagram photos, of a guy who bought one across the country from a junkyard and got it running with expertise and volunteer help.

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I like photography and I like cars. This woman wrote a fantastic ‘How To’ Guide to Car Photography which also includes business, technical, and visual advice. Worth reading on several levels.

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