From the Guardian: D-day landings scenes in 1944 and now. I love this stuff. I could spend all day looking at these.

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World War I in Photos: Introduction – The Atlantic.

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This post is one in a series based on a format at another website; much like music, I can measure much of my adult life with the cars I’ve driven.

Ate Up With Motor recently did a comprehensive history of the Honda CRX, a car I owned for a brief while and the sale of which I still regret to this day. Which leads me to the next chapter in my automotive history…

My CRX was a hand-me-down silver HF model from my girlfriend’s father, who had driven it, given it to her, and then let her brother rag it out for a while before parking it in his driveway and then offering it to me. My B2000 was blowing oil and beginning to get expensive. I had a desk job as a designer, having gotten out of the contracting business a few years previously, so I did what any 20-something male with disposable income would do: I sold the truck and bought a beat up sportscar.


It had about 90k on the odometer when I got it, the CV joints were already bad, the brakes were shot, it needed some muffler work, and it smelled like cigarettes and feet. I put some money into repairs, got it running reliably, and, unbelievably, got three years of dependability at 40mpg. It was a stick, and first gear was a dog. But once it was at speed, it was a blast to drive–nothing like the pickup.

It was beat up, sure. Her brother had obviously tried to drag faster and lighter cars, played tag with trashcans and mailboxes, spilled coffee, ash, fast food, and bongwater over every inch of the carpet. It rattled and squeaked. The wiring behind the radio was a rat’s nest, left over from multiple hack installations. The AC worked as long as the car was in motion, but the minute it stopped I had to turn it off. This foreshadowed future problems with overheating in Baltimore traffic and a pattern that repeated itself with several other cars until I bought the CR-V.

But, I could fit two mountain bikes under the hatch, park it in a shoebox, and the money I saved on gas more than offset the thirsty V-8 of my first Scout. Where was the downside?

In its third year, it began to show its age by leaving larger and larger clouds of blue smoke behind, and soon it was burning through a quart of oil every two weeks. The rings were shot, and I was living in the city with no tools and no garage to effect repairs. Regretfully, I placed an ad in the paper and sold it to a guy who told me he was planning on setting it up for SCCA racing against MR2s.

Had I been thinking smarter, I would have driven it up to my sister’s house and parked it in the chicken barn out back until I could have afforded a rebuilt engine, but hindsight is, as they say, always 20/20.

Other entries in this series:
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East Coast Scouts, 2002

Chewbacca outside East Coast Scouts, about 2002 or so. I was looking for parts and (I think) having Eric work on the transmission a bit.

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Me and Pat

My old buddy Pat, on my wedding day, back in 2003.

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Here are a bunch of wedding photos taken with my old Canon G3 by various wonderful people at our wedding back in 2003 (in no particular order):

3 generations

Mom and Dad


Smile again!


Me and Pat


Put them fingers down!

Annie and Jen

Martha, Sophie and Matt

Shelly and Doug

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Kill some time today with a Shorpy image search for Catonsvile.

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I find this interesting because Jen and I had a cicada-themed wedding back in 2004: A Century of Cicadas is the NY Times’ interactive feature outlining the appearance of each brood all the way back to 1893. Apparently our wedding guests were Brood X, while our impending guests will be Brood II.

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This group of images scratches so many historical itches, I can’t stand it: photos of Paris from the early 1900s overlaid with shots from this year.

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Drive-In Stop & Eat

I shot this on 35mm film sometime in 1990-91 on my way to or from college. I believe it was somewhere between the Bear Mountain Bridge and Putnam County, but I’d guess it’s long gone by now. When I peeked in the windows, the counters were piled high with clean plates and cookware.

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