Gary Younge, a writer and reporter based in the UK, interviews Richard Spencer about racism and slavery, and totally skewers him and all of his asinine beliefs. This is a teaching moment about how to deal with trolls, racists, and bigots. This is better than the video of him getting punched.

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I have no idea where this came from, but it’s priceless. (via)

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…explained with death metal. Classic.

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So it begins.

I walked up the street to the front of Union Station yesterday to peep out what I could see. The main room of the station building was closed off for a huge banquet of some kind. Out in front, people hawked Trump tchotchkes, all made in China (I checked) amidst huge lines of porta-potties. Here and there, red-hatted supporters wandered around the station, asking for directions.

One of my coworkers said it felt like Paris in ’42 as the German army rumbled through the outskirts of the city. It feels to me like the circus has pulled into town, and clowns are just going to keep pouring out of the cars.

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Buried amidst his weekly NFL wrapup (and poop story compendium), this gem from Drew Magary:

Regardless, the rest of the country needs to hurry the fuck up and be like Colorado. I could easily survive the Trump Years with cheap and available weed all around me. JUST THE MELLOW I NEED.

Via: San Diego Chargers Fans Got Fucked To The Last

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Holy shit, this is genius.

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This is wonderful: Portraits of people who want artists to work for free. Via Dangerous Minds

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…Harbaugh is just like Ravens fans: spoiled brats who harbor the worst inferiority complex on the East Coast; a bunch of purple camo-clad buttholes who keep grudges for so long they have to bequeath them to their surviving loved ones. Their paranoia is a self-fulfilling prophecy because they bitch ENDLESSLY about everything, which in turn compels the rest of the world (officials included) to want them cold and dead in the ground. If I were officiating a Ravens game, I would trip Joe Flacco myself.

Hooray! One of my favorite late-summer happenings is here: Deadspin’s Why Your Team Sucks roundup of the NFL.

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“I’d jump his bewns.” Jen and I still quote this to each other.

That thing is the Citizen Kane of wasted teenage metalness,” says Rick Ballard, who makes a brief appearance as part of a gang yelling curses at the moviemakers.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot is like a live-action recreation of my high school yearbook: the faces, hairstyles, and attitudes are almost identical, even though the accents are pure Dundalk. Previously, previously.

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Pretty much what it says on the label: Pets That Are Stuck But Pretending Everything Is Fine

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