How happy am I that a date I took a pretty blonde on fourteen years ago has turned into a family tradition?

Grand and Finn 1

Guns and Clowns

Jen, Finn and Cathy



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Well, that’s it. All of the old hand-coded log is now here in WordPress. After I-don’t-know-how-many-years, I finished migrating it the other night, so everything from 2001 is included here.

Meanwhile, poking around my other site, I came across a bunch of stuff I’d forgotten about. From 2002-2005 (pre-Flickr) I used to use a small script to generate galleries of photos and then post them to my website, but there’s never been any real good list of links to the whole cache. Here’s a master list, in date-correct order:

6/7/02 – Backyard pictures from my old house in Canton
6/11/02 – More backyard progress shots
6/22/02 – Assorted pictures, Jen’s apartment kitchen
7/6/02 – Fourth of July weekend and some more backyard pictures
7/15/02 – Model T Club meetup in Ellicot City
7/30/02 – July vacation in Aurora
9/1/02 – Labor Day in Aurora
9/14/02 – Matt comes in from San Francisco, and our group of friends meets at Rob & Karean’s house in Canton
3/18/03 – Snowfall in Canton
3/17/03 – St. Patrick’s Day weekend
3/29/03 – Checking out a old building on River Road in Ellicott City
bimini_photos – Bimini pictures
divelog – Bimini trip writeup with pictures
5/27/2003 – Engagement trip to Savannah, GA
5/10/03 wedding – Tim & Betty’s wedding in DC
5/24/03 – Engagement trip to Aurora
6/7/03 – Lockard reunion in Orlando
7/4/03 – Fourth of July 2003, up in Aurora
7/25/03 Stas & Vicki’s wedding in NY
9/8/03 – New Catonsville house pictures
12/21/03 – Christmas dinner on Tyndale Ave.
4/4/20 – Spring flowers
Wedding – Wedding pictures
Rome – Honeymoon trip to Rome with writeup
4/10/9 – Matt & Sophie’s wedding in San Francisco
4/11/26 – B&O Railroad Museum
Baby – Finn’s progression in Jen’s belly
House – Shots from the first day we looked at the house
House_photos – A few pictures from the house inspection
House_progress – Semi-updated gallery of house renovation pictures
– Pictures of the crazy roadside signs in Oklahoma, 1992
– Test panoramics (needs a Java applet, which I don’t have a link for)

At some point, I’d like to upload all of these to Flickr, but I don’t know of a way to backdate them so that they list in sequence. I’ll have to look into that some more.

Our weekend was full and fun. Saturday we started out with a soccer game under bright blue skies. Finn claimed she was nervous on the ride over, but as she got onto the field and comfortable, she guarded the goal well.

On one play toward the second half of the game, she collected the ball in front of her own goal and drove it all the way down the field to the other side–and past the opposing team’s goal. She’s come so far in a couple of weeks!


In the afternoon she hung out with me while I got a bunch of boring house chores done:

  • Hauled brush to the dump
  • Brought in the AC units
  • Closed the storm windows
  • Cleaned off the front porch
  • Cleaned up and closed up the attic
  • Closed up the cracks in our foundation with hydraulic cement

Then we walked over to the neighbors’ and grilled on their deck. As the sun set we built a fire in the firepit, enjoyed adult conversation, and let the kids play until long after bedtime.

I’m wrapping up a lot of small projects here today:

  • I’ve got a sick iMac on my desk waiting for a fresh install of Snow Leopard. The hard drive died on it last week so I had R&K drop it off to let me do a little surgery. I put a new 1TB drive in it and got it back up and running. Now I have to find out what OS it tops out at and attempt a rebuild from their backup.
  • I’ve had another sick MacBook Pro come in and out of the office, the victim of an overstuffed email database and general malaise.
  • I’ve got a web project for Finn’s old pre-K school that’s going pretty well. It’s a church site I built in WordPress with some nice calendar functionality and some other custom features, and I’m waiting for them to start adding content so that I can style it and fill out the pages.
  • I’ve got another client who’s going through a move and needed two MailChimp templates for a pair of email blasts, as well as an updated address to all the pages on their site.
  • We’ve got a friend who’s been looking to get a personal WordPress site off the ground for a while, and has a renewed focus on making that happen.

I was able to wrap up a lot of small things this afternoon, which feels good and should open my weeknights back up. Last week I was bouncing from one thing to the next but not making a lot of headway, so an afternoon’s full attention made all the difference. I like having paying work, and I’d like to solicit some more, just as long as it’s not overwhelming–as it has in the past.

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I got a hair up my behind the other day and started adding old content from 2001 into the site, the only months left from my original weblog. I got May in last night, which leaves about two months to go. It’s funny how much I used to post about random stuff and how similar the stuff I was posting about is to the modern day: tech stuff, news, repairs to the house, friends. The big difference is the lack of photos.

The weekend was great. We started out with a showing of Frozen at the neighbors’ house on Friday night. Saturday morning I took Finn to her soccer game. She was nervous at first, like she normally is, but the coach coaxed her out into one of the defensive positions, and there she did great. By the end of the first half she was going after the ball when it came to her side of the field, and actually chasing it back downfield to help her teammates! I think, much like her old man, she likes to get comfortable with things first before she dives in all the way.


After the game we came home and geared up for her birthday party. This year’s theme was apples, and our approach was one of simplicity. A homemade cake, some drinks, pizza delivery, and simple games with friends. As the sun set, I built a fire in the firepit and we sat outside enjoying it until everyone went home and it was time for her to go to bed.

choosing apples

One of her big requests this year were more chapter books, which warms my heart more than I can explain. Finn and I have had a ritual since she was a toddler: Daddy is in charge of bathtime. After we get PJs on and teeth brushed, we jump on the bed and crack open a book. For the last couple of months we’ve been reading from two series–Ivy & Bean and the Never Girls. We started by reading alternate pages aloud. Finn would take time to sound out certain words and I helped her with the phonetics, and she’s been getting better and faster every day. It’s to the point now where we burn through a 15-page chapter in about ten minutes, and it’s my favorite time of the day. I tuck her into bed and hootch up next to her to get the bed warm, and we pass the book back and forth.

The new album by Royal Blood got panned by Pitchfork, but I have to say I’m enjoying it. It’s amazing what you can do with a drumkit, a bass, and a shitload of effects pedals.

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choosing apples


running from silly string

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Let It Go

Let It Go 2

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We started out the weekend with a little De-Finnse.

Then we packed the truck up for our camping adventure.


The cabins at Patapsco are close by, comfortable, and if you pick the right one, private. We picked the right one.

Waiting out the rain
We were able to set up camp, get dinner prepared and eaten, and just have time to stoke the fire up well before a fierce downpour. Then we sat it out on our porch, listening to the sounds of the woods and the rain, watching our fire.

The next morning was chilly but we enjoyed some bacon egg & cheese sandwiches from the grill and it wasn’t long before sunlight started poking through the trees.

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down by the water

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Porch swing 3


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Finn and I went for ice cream last night. The light is falling behind the trees earlier now, and the air is cool. She’s starting Kindergarten tomorrow, which means fall isn’t too far off. I’m not ready for summer to end, nor am I alright with my daughter growing up so goddamn fast.

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