Let It Go

Let It Go 2

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We started out the weekend with a little De-Finnse.

Then we packed the truck up for our camping adventure.


The cabins at Patapsco are close by, comfortable, and if you pick the right one, private. We picked the right one.

Waiting out the rain
We were able to set up camp, get dinner prepared and eaten, and just have time to stoke the fire up well before a fierce downpour. Then we sat it out on our porch, listening to the sounds of the woods and the rain, watching our fire.

The next morning was chilly but we enjoyed some bacon egg & cheese sandwiches from the grill and it wasn’t long before sunlight started poking through the trees.

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down by the water

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Porch swing 3


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Finn and I went for ice cream last night. The light is falling behind the trees earlier now, and the air is cool. She’s starting Kindergarten tomorrow, which means fall isn’t too far off. I’m not ready for summer to end, nor am I alright with my daughter growing up so goddamn fast.

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Jen with hat

Flying boy

Swimming girl


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What does love look like? This is Ox, Finn's favorite object, and the ears are about to fall off. We can't find replacement fleece for emergency surgery. Can anyone help? #uglydoll #emergency

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