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This was my daughter’s elementary school response to National Walk Out Day. Not too shabby.

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Mother Jones has a great article debunking 10 of the most commonly parroted pro-gun myths.

Fact-check: Mass shootings stopped by armed civilians in the past 33 years: 0

Fact-check: Weak laws and loopholes backed by the gun lobby have made it easier for people to get guns illegally. And existing gun laws aren’t preventing guns from getting into the wrong hands: More than 75 percent of the weapons used in mass shootings between 1982 and 2012 were obtained legally.

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Currently burning up my iPhone: Slate’s Slow Burn podcast, a series investigating the Watergate break in and its aftermath, focusing mainly on the details people have forgotten or never knew about. I’m three episodes in and it’s riveting, maddening, angry-making stuff. And so, so relevant in today’s jaded, diluted media cycle. To wit: The break-in happened in June of 1972. Nixon was re-elected in a landslide victory in November, after months of nightly news reporting, congressional hearings, and FBI investigations. The American public didn’t care until the beginning of the following year, when the burglars were sentenced to long stays in prison and one of them ratted out the White House in a letter to the judge.

Our bathroom project is currently stalled. I bought a huge roll of underlayment for the floor heat system three weeks ago, but it isn’t enough to cover the whole thing, so I’ve got to go back and get more. I was across the bay last Saturday and they’re closed on Sundays. The tile is sitting in a warehouse waiting for me, but I can’t lift anything over 10 lbs and they’re understaffed on weekends, so I can’t ask the showroom women to help me. GAAAAAHHH.

The blood thinners I’ve been on for weeks appear to be working. my brachial artery is still numb above my wrist up to my elbow but there’s little to no pain on a daily basis. I’ve got a numb spot on my right wrist, but the rest of that side is fine. When I go in for the next CAT scan, however, I’m going to ask them to take a look at my right knee, which is still numb since before chemo started.


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File this under idiocy: A local group put up a bunch of decorated wooden snowmen out in front of the local K of C down the street from our house. Some asshat complained about one of the snowmen, which had the words “No Hate in 21228” written on it. This suddenly became a “political” message, and they decided to take all of the snowmen down. What the fuck? It’s a SNOWMAN, you idiots. I don’t know who I’m more disappointed in, the asshats that complained or the committee that bent to pressure and took them down.

Update: The church across the street asked if they could put it out on their lawn directly in front of our house. AWESOME.

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Gary Younge, a writer and reporter based in the UK, interviews Richard Spencer about racism and slavery, and totally skewers him and all of his asinine beliefs. This is a teaching moment about how to deal with trolls, racists, and bigots. This is better than the video of him getting punched.

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Lathering up shampoo in the shower this evening, I brought my hands down to find them covered in hair.

On the plus side of things, it looks like the Democrats won both New Jersey and Virginia. Get out the gerry and start mandering, guys.

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I’m not on Twitter, but this is too good to pass up. Trump Jr. took his kid out trick-or-treating and then tried to make a joke about socialism(!?!). Twitter responded with some brutal takedowns. Gervais and J.K. Rowling win this round.

Seriously, what the fuck? This prick was born with the gold-plated keys to life and he’s bitching about socialism? GET FUCKED, DON.

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Apparently the Department of Justice wants an internet provider, Dreamhost, to turn over IP addresses of everyone who visited a website built to coordinate protests of Trump’s Inauguration.

The request also covers emails between the site’s organizers and people interested in attending the protests, any deleted messages and files, as well as subscriber information — such as names and addresses — and unpublished photos and blog posts that are stored in the site’s database, according to the warrant…

This is some chilling shit right here. Dreamhost responds:

We intend to take whatever steps are necessary to support and shield these users from what is, in our view, a very unfocused search and an unlawful request for their personal information.

I’m happy to say I use DreamHost for my personal website, and if I can get my act together, I’m going to move Idiotking there too.

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President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive List – via The New York Times

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Quote of the day (yesterday) goes to Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) at Betsy DeVos’s appearance before Congress on the 2018 Education Department budget:

Education is not mayonnaise, and, frankly, the day we start treating the education of our children like we do the marketing of a condiment is the day we have given up on our kids.

This was in response to a Republican Senator’s (R-La.) comment that choosing a school should be like going to the store to choose from six kinds of mayonnaise. Louisiana was ranked #46 out of 50 states in USNews’ 2017 report and last in an independent 2016 study.

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