Apparently, after a 12-year hiatus, BMW is producing new films in “The Hire” series. The first one is directed by Neil Blomkamp (District 9) and will be out at the end of October.

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Another awesome graphic from XKCD: the Earth Temperature Timeline. Once again Mr. Munroe does an excellent job of putting things in perspective.

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“The problem of radicalized surveillance is particularly pronounced in Baltimore,” the complaint stated. The city was already on the defensive, even as the aerial surveillance program was shielded from the public eye.

Bloomberg reports on an aerial surveillance system quietly flying daily over Baltimore–without the public’s knowledge. This kind of thing is chilling.

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Here’s an exhaustive article on Capturing Sharp Photographs in Any Situation, from lenses to settings to flash.

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…Harbaugh is just like Ravens fans: spoiled brats who harbor the worst inferiority complex on the East Coast; a bunch of purple camo-clad buttholes who keep grudges for so long they have to bequeath them to their surviving loved ones. Their paranoia is a self-fulfilling prophecy because they bitch ENDLESSLY about everything, which in turn compels the rest of the world (officials included) to want them cold and dead in the ground. If I were officiating a Ravens game, I would trip Joe Flacco myself.

Hooray! One of my favorite late-summer happenings is here: Deadspin’s Why Your Team Sucks roundup of the NFL.

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An awesome shot of Frederick Road, down the street from us, in 1963 and now, via RetroBaltimore, the site I linked to last month.

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This week’s big tech news is that Yahoo sold itself to Verizon for 4.8 billion. What does this mean for Flickr, where about 90% of the photos posted here live? Yahoo had 20 years to sort itself out and couldn’t manage that. Most likely Verizon will find a way to fuck it up good. Guess I’d better start planning for a migration…

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It’s so great to see the Descendents covered on NPR; I hate to be the hipster that says “I knew that band when…”, but I had Enjoy! and Milo Goes to College on vinyl when I was fifteen.

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So Melania Trump lifted whole sentences from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech last night. The thing that annoys me so much about this is that I’ve got to go back to teach in the fall and tell students that it’s illegal and immoral to plagiarize. These assclowns don’t see any problem with it.

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When Trump assures us he’ll do for the United States what he’s done for his businesses, that’s not a promise — it’s a threat. The tactics he has used in running his business wouldn’t work in running a truly successful company, let alone the most powerful nation on Earth.

Henry Paulson, the Republican Treasury Secretary who helped guide the country out of the 2008 meltdown, takes on Donald Trump in the Washington Post.

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