The FCC just granted itself the power to defeat a raging, fire-breathing monster: the monopolistic network owners who can kill Internet freedom by blocking websites — or by creating an Internet fast lane for the privileged, few, rich tech companies that can pay for it.

via CNN.

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Over the last week, my iPhone has dropped about 10 calls, some multiple times. It was getting pretty fucking old. This set of instructions is supposed to fix the problem, which they blame on VoLTE not being fully rolled out. We’ll see how it works.

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Huh, I didn’t know this was a thing: National Adjunct Walkout Day. And I taught today too.

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How did I not know about this before? LEGO offers free Digital Designer Virtual Building Software. I’ll definitely be grabbing this tonight.

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Thanks, Obama. (via)

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So it looks like Radio Shack is being put out to pasture.

On the way down, turning the stores into a chain of cell-phone kiosks staffed by hucksters alienated the DIYers.

This. One of my very first DIY projects was building my own speakers. I started with a Radio Shack-published book and a handful of parts from the local store. The last time I was in a store, the total parts selection was half a rack and the salesperson kept pressuring me to buy a cellphone.

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So the Cooper Hewitt museum just rebranded and re-opened (“the only museum in the nation devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design”), and released a typeface by Pentagram as a free, open-source file for download. Nice.

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Wow, there’s enough here to get lost for a couple of days: Kustomrama is billed as the “Traditional Rod & Kustom Encyclopedia”. Tons of information on famous and trendsetting hot rods and customs.

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One of the things I’ve learned while reading up on selling my old iPhone is that AT&T phones are worth more on the secondary market because they can be used with other GSM-based carriers, either in the U.S. or abroad. So I’m going to wipe my 4S tonight, package it up in the original box, and see if I can get $175 for it on the D.C. Craigslist.

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Just when I began wondering what was happening with it, The Venture Brothers are back with a 1-hour Season 6 special. Almost all of the characters make an appearance, and lots of interesting things happen!

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