Yahoo is going nowhere, so they’ve decided to do the easy thing, and cut jobs, instead of actually, you know, fixing shit. This means Flickr is going to get trimmed, and, according to the article, “Yahoo will be reducing Flickr’s resources and attempt to run the photo service in a way that requires minimal overhead.”

I’m going to be very upset if the whole thing folds and I have to go back through fifteen years of archives to relink every single picture.

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Most CEOs hire experts—branding agencies that specialize in translating corporate values into fonts and colors—or tap an in-house team. Not Kalanick. For the past three years, he’s worked alongside Uber design director Shalin Amin and a dozen or so others, hammering out ideas from a stuffy space they call the War Room. Along the way, he studied up on concepts ranging from kerning to color palettes. “I didn’t know any of this stuff,” says Kalanick. “I just knew it was important, and so I wanted it to be good.”

This is the kind of shit that makes Creative/Design Directors resign and change careers. While the sentiment is appreciated (“I wanted it to be good”) the micromanagement is absolutely ridiculous.

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On This Spot is an awesome blog featuring then and now photography of historical locations, including a lot of WWII European theater sites.

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In a surprise move, a Texas grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood wrapped up on Monday by issuing several indictments not to the women’s healthcare provider, but to two of the anti-abortion activists who had prompted the investigation.

Ha ha ha ha ha FUCK YOU. I’m so glad truth won out over obvious bullshit.

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You may have noticed that smell coming from your toolbox. It wafts all the way across the shop from one end to the other. It smells like bathtub cheese gone bad.

Huh! I’ve always wondered what the smell coming from my toolbox was. I’ll have to go sniff some screwdrivers later today.

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Here’s the cold, hard truth every prospective student, and every parent, should know: In the vast majority of subjects, when you have an adjunct professor instead of a full-timer, you are getting a substandard education.

I’d have to respectfully disagree in my own case; I’ve knocked myself out to give my students the best possible bang for their buck. But I’d wager there are plenty of contract teachers who punch the clock and nothing more. It’ll be interesting to see how things are when Finn is looking at colleges.

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Huh, I learn something new every day. Until this morning, I had no idea I could manually adjust the focus for each of my lenses in-camera.

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Here’s an interesting guide to identifying The Best and Worst Projects for Increasing Your Home’s Return on Investment, via Lifehacker. Some of these are no-brainers and some are surprising.

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HBO programming president Michael Lombardo confirmed to TVLine that he personally gave series creator David Milch the green light to resurrect the acclaimed yet painfully short-lived Western.

About cocksucking time.

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So what are these “40 Unforgivable Plot Holes” and why is the Huffington Post ass-backward in their review? I blame it partly on the click-bait era. I also think that being a contrarian dick makes people feel intelligent. But those aren’t the reasons the review is horseshit. It’s horseshit because it really seems like the reviewer didn’t watch the movie at all.

This is an excellent takedown of both the criticism leveled at The Force Awakens and the click-baity way it was presented. I had my gripes with the film, but I think the author is spot-on in his rebuttal. (I didn’t link the original article because the important stuff is included).

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