Man, where was This article about underwater photography from the Wirecutter about 10 years ago when I needed it?

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File this under “Ain’t that some cheap-ass bullshit:” If you send your film negatives to be processed by any big chain store–Wal Mart, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, etc., they won’t return your original negatives.

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The ability to disconnect and not constantly check Facebook statuses and work emails has become something to aspire to, as more and more designers create technology to help us move away from technology.

I love this idea, and this is the first stripped-down cellphone I’ve seen that I’d actually consider using.

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I remember walking with my friend Kevin past a woman whose long hair had fused into a single filthy dreadlock, like a thick spout of vomit that had been bronzed. We were dumbstruck. We had no witticisms to offer. It’s a city that defeats efforts to ironize.

This woman used to stagger through my old neighborhood during the summertime; her hair was some kind of beehive that had been encased in decades of product until it was a hard waxen shell hanging off the back of her scalp. (Via The New York Times)

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Often, long magazine pieces are simply posted online in all their text-heavy glory, but in this case editors on the print side worked in tandem with the digital team for months in advance, holding joint meetings to discuss how the work would live online.

One other thought: Paul Ford is an extraordinary writer who has had a strong presence on the web since the birth of blogs. His network is larger than most, and I’m sure that extra push made a difference.

Source: Bloomberg’s ‘What Is Code’ Feature Was A Massive Hit — Here’s Why

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Huh, I wouldn’t have chosen Chris Thile as the new host of a “A Prairie Home Companion,” but the selection certainly is inspired. He has the performer’s chops; I hope he can carry off the sketches, or hire someone who can.

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The studio’s founders understand the fundamentals of animation and storytelling, even when they’re just moving brightly colored shapes around on a screen.

Pixar’s films put technology and storytelling hand-in-hand, via The Dissolve

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How astronaut Garrett Reisman found a match made in the heavens thanks to two trucks—an International Harvester Scout II and a Ford Bronco.

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From the ever-informative, a Medium article with 9 excellent book recommendations on information visualization that aren’t written by Tufte. My Amazon budget for this month is blown.

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I would have to agree with the author of this Lifehacker post: Carrying around a Moleskine note book for the last five years has saved me hours of grief and gray hair. I may have to try Field Notes next, because I’m not happy with the small Moleskine notebook–it’s too thick to lay flat and be useful as a sketchbook, which is what I ask of my notebooks about 50% of the time.

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