So our CR-V is on the list of cars whose airbags could just up and explode. I’m supposed to be able to check at this NHSTA website, but apparently nobody at the NHSTA has learned about hardening websites for heavy traffic. Update: Honda sez we’re OK.

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Another one bites the dust: Orbital Call It Quits. I spent a considerable amount of time learning how to code for the web to Orbital back in the late 1990’s, and it remains some of my favorite music.

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Anytime I feel like I’m not happy with my career, I’m going to look at this chart, detailing the poor career outlook for those of us with degrees in the higher arts…

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Huh, how did I miss this? Deadspin has been doing a series called Drunkspin where they review beers from far and wide. I’d have to agree with their assessment of Pumking: Too much spice, not enough flavor.

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A “golden key” is just another, more pleasant, word for a backdoor—something that allows people access to your data without going through you directly. This backdoor would, by design, allow Apple and Google to view your password-protected files if they received a subpoena or some other government directive.

I don’t allow my local police department to have a key to my house, “just in case”, nor would I ever. Neither should a corporation own a key to my personal data. This shit has to stop.

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I love Mastodon, because they are an incredibly melodic hard metal band, they have an excellent sense of humor about themselves, and they write great songs. I’ve been jamming to The Motherload all day:

I would embed the official music video here, but it’s ABSOLUTELY BATSHIT CRAZY.

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This evening, I stumbled upon another website about a couple traveling from South America to Alaska in a Kombi van. Wow.

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The Jalopnik Every Episode of Top Gear, Ranked list is good, but I respectfully disagree with this:

118. S12E8 – Vietnam Special

118?!? The Vietnam special was one of the funniest, and also the most heartfelt “special” episodes they did. I’d give it a top 10.

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This. This right here:

Do not start the presentation with an apology or disclaimer.

No matter how much more you had hoped to present, by the time you get in that room, whatever you have is exactly the right amount of work. Any resetting of expectations should have been handled before the meeting.

I worked with someone who routinely started client meetings with an apology. It used to drive me nuts. There are things on this list that I do sometimes when working a room, so I’ll have to brush up on this before my next presentation.

via 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations.

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This is a really well-made video commentary on why David Fincher might be the best director in Hollywood today. I’d have to agree completely.

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