File this under: A local group put up a bunch of decorated wooden snowmen out in front of the local K of C down the street from our house. Some asshat complained about one of the snowmen, which had the words “No Hate in 21228” written on it. This suddenly became a “political” message, and they decided to take all of the snowmen down. What the fuck? It’s a SNOWMAN, you idiots. I don’t know who I’m more disappointed in, the asshats that complained or the committee that bent to pressure and took them down.
Update: The church across the street asked if they could put it out on their lawn directly in front of our house. AWESOME.

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My circa 2010 MacBook Pro has been having random kernel panics that I traced back to one of the two graphics processors failing. A little internet research brought me to this site, with some helpful advice on how to disable the bad chip permanently.

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Renie tipped me to this site a couple of years ago when I first started managing other people: Ask a Manager. There are always lots of good stories here, and the best replies are, as always, buried in the comments. I don’t know how I missed this gem from 2016: My manager shows up while I’m having chemotherapy to talk about work. I think that I would probably just kill that person with my bare hands.

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It’s a grim subject, but one that’s been on my mind since the baby arrived: Dealing with your digital legacy. Lifehacker has a great writeup on how to organize your life so that heirs and executors can access your digital life, like bank accounts, social media, and digital assets. The first step is a will (check) and the second is a password manager (check).

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This is a beautiful piece of kit, and had I $500 to blow on it, I’d do so willingly: the Brennan B2. It’s a micro jukebox powered by a Raspberry Pi. Feed it CDs and it’ll rip them; you can load preripped files via USB. It’s configurable via web interface; it also can play internet radio.

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Gary Younge, a writer and reporter based in the UK, interviews Richard Spencer about racism and slavery, and totally skewers him and all of his asinine beliefs. This is a teaching moment about how to deal with trolls, racists, and bigots. This is better than the video of him getting punched.

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I’m not on Twitter, but this is too good to pass up. Trump Jr. took his kid out trick-or-treating and then tried to make a joke about socialism(!?!). Twitter responded with some brutal takedowns. Gervais and J.K. Rowling win this round.

Seriously, what the fuck? This prick was born with the gold-plated keys to life and he’s bitching about socialism? GET FUCKED, DON.

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Cameron Moll: 10 Things I Wish Every Design Student Knew. I think I’d have to underline #1. The greatest output of your careers will be relationships, #3. I’ve made a career out of pushing myself to do things I was totally unqualified for, and #10. Creativity is storytelling as the three that have shaped my life.

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Lifehacker has a good writeup on how to get Siri to pronounce names correctly. When Finn was a toddler we bought her a doll that talked and played games and responded to buttons; it used a weird pronunciation of her name that I still haven’t been able to get out of my head.

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This article on making pot brownies showed up in my feed today. Coincidence? I think not. Medical marijuana is legal in Maryland but there have been delays in licensing and certifying growing operations.

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