Massive Attack have confirmed they’re releasing new music this year.

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This is pretty cool: the U.S. Web Design Standards are online for all U.S. government websites.

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While I’m very happy with the new Pope and a lot of the stands he’s made, this one bums me out: He met with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who denied gay couples marriage licenses. While this is nice of him, it lends her a lot of undeserved credibility.

The pope said that he could not speak specifically about cases but that “conscientious objection is a right that is a part of every human right.”

I support anyone’s right to conscientious objection. But she’s an officer of the court, which means she does not make the laws, she upholds them. It is her sworn duty to issue marriage licenses under Kentucky law. If she can’t do her duty, she must step down from office.

And, just to be clear: Fuck Kim Davis.

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I’m not in any hurry to go out and drop $1200 on an iPad Pro, but this comparison to the Wacom Cintiq sure makes it hard to resist:

Latency latency latency. As in all that latency I can visibly see as I wait for my stroke to catch up with my Cintiq pen. Oops! Dragged my pen too far because I couldn’t see where the strike would end up? Guess that’s why I mapped 10 of these buttons to Ctrl+Z. This is the game changer with the Apple Pencil, barely any latency so you actually feel like the pencil is leaving ink and can see the outcome of your drawing as its happening.

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We’ve been using a French Press for five years or more, and I’m just not happy with the flavor of my coffee anymore. It sounds hipster as shit, but I think I’m going to try Pourover Coffee with the same grounds and see if I can get a better cup.

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Drum breaks: Those small patches of space within a song where the singer shuts up, the guitarist backs off, the bass rumbles down, and the percussionist is given a moment or two to shine.

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Here’s a fascinating look behind the design and adoption of the NASA “worm” logo, and why it was replaced with the original “meatball” logo:

Our Logotype was quite the opposite: it was clean, progressive, could be read from a mile away, and was easy to use in all mediums (it later survived much of the inferior printing furnished by the GPO (U.S Government Printing Office).

Via: Display

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Interesting–a history of why American beer is so bland:

Restrictions on grain use during wartime ruled out the widespread production of hoppy ales in the ’40s, and the palates of a generation of American soldiers grew accustomed to the weak beer that was standard in military rations.

Via: The Atlantic

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Pizzolatto tried to shove a David Lynch movie into a crime novel and adapt it into an eight-episode prestige cable show that was often paced like a 22-episode network television show and performed like a screwed and chopped soap opera.

This. How unsatisfying the conclusion to this show was. Decisions made at the end made no sense, and characters who should have been smarter acted against their own self-interests. I hung in until the end, and it was a letdown.

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There’s a lot of good stuff here: some site called Fact has a list of the top 50 albums in trip-hop. Metafilter has a list with streaming links for your listening pleasure. Naturally, I disagree with some of the choices (UNKLE is way down on the list; Luke Vibert is way too high).

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