This article on making pot brownies showed up in my feed today. Coincidence? I think not. Medical marijuana is legal in Maryland but there have been delays in licensing and certifying growing operations.

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Me likey: a T-shirt store for photographers. $28 is steep for a shirt but it looks like they have some stuff go on clearance for half price. I’ll take one of these and one of these, to begin.

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There’s really nothing comforting you can say about having cancer, but these cards, at least, are funny:

Please let me be the first to punch the next person who says everything happens for a reason.

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Here’s a current map with drone laws for every country (and even at the state level for the U.S.). Turns out all drone operations in Paraguay need to be authorized by the Air Force. Ooops.

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I’m currently reading the companion to Ken Burns’ new PBS series, The Vietnam War. It’s a huge book, and goes into excellent detail on the origins, details, and consequences of the conflict. Burns wrote an article for the Atlantic about how it was the beginning of America’s break in trust with its President, from Kennedy’s doubts to Johnson’s secret bombing to Nixon’s paranoid ranting. It’s eye-opening and sobering. Here’s an excellent review of the series from Vulture.

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Via CNN Money, here’s some helpful info on what to do about the Equifax hack. It’s appalling that something this big happened to so many people and the company responsible is so callous about the fallout. Mom, this one is for you.

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Walter Becker, one half of Steely Dan, is dead at 67. Fuck you if you think Steely Dan is lame.

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Apparently the Department of Justice wants an internet provider, Dreamhost, to turn over IP addresses of everyone who visited a website built to coordinate protests of Trump’s Inauguration.

The request also covers emails between the site’s organizers and people interested in attending the protests, any deleted messages and files, as well as subscriber information — such as names and addresses — and unpublished photos and blog posts that are stored in the site’s database, according to the warrant…

This is some chilling shit right here. Dreamhost responds:

We intend to take whatever steps are necessary to support and shield these users from what is, in our view, a very unfocused search and an unlawful request for their personal information.

I’m happy to say I use DreamHost for my personal website, and if I can get my act together, I’m going to move Idiotking there too.

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A quick housekeeping note for myself: I used this article to fix the Add Media function within WordPress, which was disabled with the installation of Jetpack. Jetpack is handy for lots of small things, so I had to get the two to play nice. One parameter string changed and we’re back in business.

Update: This fix broke the Update function in the main editing window; after a minute or so the Update, Preview, and Publish functions timed out and became unavailable. So I set it back.

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