“How did this get so fucked up so quick?”

Wait for it. It pays off.

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I spent some downtime on the train over the last couple of weeks entering numbers into Excel to see where our energy dollars have been going over the last number of years. I have paper statements up until 2010, which is where I stopped (in preparation for scanning and shredding), and I put in our charges for electricity, gas, and the average temperature as provided by BGE. Natural gas prices in the winter have been the biggest cost by far; electricity goes up as we run A/C units but overall it doesn’t see the same peaks and valleys as natural gas.


The downward trend in 2010 is interesting, and I’d like to see where that goes if I add data from 2011 onward, or if it’s an anomaly of some kind. Guess I’ve got to see if BGE will let me download bills from that far backwards or not…

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Strike a Pose

on the street


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Bliss is at right about 21:30.

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Jersey represent. So many people I know have no idea what this means. (via)

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Morning note

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I’ve had about two weeks with a Joby Slingstrap Pro and I have to say I like it very much. I’ve used it with both my Nikons and the Canons at work, and I carried it to the car show on Sunday where I shot 220 pictures inside and out. It’s extremely handy for on the go shots–I used it at Finn’s soccer game on Saturday and found that I could be talking to someone, see something interesting, and have it up and ready to shoot in seconds. It’s got a locking clip right under the lower buckle to keep the camera tight under the shoulder which is great for commuting. The only issue I’ve had is when I take it off, like I was doing at the car show to shoot low from the ground, and then try to figure out how to put it back on. I have to hold it out in front of me and tell myself, “the loop goes in the front.”

Meanwhile, I used a Canon 5D mkII over the weekend exclusively and while its focus issues haven’t gotten any better, I think I’ve learned how to work with it in shooting situations to get what I want more consistently. The menu system still confounds me, as it does on the 7D, but I can get around a lot easier now that I’m used to the layout. It’s hard to say what I enjoy so much about the results I’m getting, but I suspect it’s the lenses.

Renie sent me a link to missingmoney.com, a link that’s been making the rounds of social media lately, and it turns out they have a record of me from back in my immediate post-college days. After hesitating for a few minutes, and looking over the disclaimers, I printed out the requisite forms and made ready to send my information in. There’s no telling how much or what the money might be from; all I can do is send the information in and hope for the power of compound interest.

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I’ve got it down to a bit of a science. But I keep forgetting to check the windshield gasket before I tighten the bedrails down.

Summer is officially over, I guess.

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Predictably, Yahoo fucked up my payment again. I sent another message through their worthless email link, and having tracked down a phone number for customer service, I’m spending another half an hour on the phone waiting to speak with someone. Really? How hard does this shit have to be?

Answer: Apparently, pretty easy–when it works. What was impossible two weeks ago took two minutes today.

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